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Hood Question

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Are all the Hellcat Challenger hoods aluminum? When I do the build online, it lists "aluminum satin black hood" as an option. If all the hoods are aluminum, I'm not going to do this, because I want my car to be low key...but if the only way to get a light hood is with the satin hood, that's what I'll get.

Ordering this car today, so it would be nice to know quick, lol!
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No one has their cars yet. I hope to start seeing pictures/delivery threads soon!

I know as soon as I get a call from my dealer that my car is ready, I will be making a new thread before I even leave to go pick it up, just so that everyone knows! (though I'm sure others will get theirs long before I do down here in Louisiana, I'm still going to be super excited, haha). Or maybe I will post on the drive up there...I'm about 2 hours out from the dealer I was able to get an order in at.
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