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Hoodpin damage to paint from going fast?…..

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Have any of you had any issues with the connecting cord/chain causing paint damage? Had a auto shop say the flapping of cord when going fast can cause damage and think I do have a weird indent on paint next to the connecting to hood pin :(
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I've noticed a slight bit of scuffing to the clearcoat that can be buffed out, but nothing major. I'm getting full paint correction and PPF on the front, so this will take care of those scuff marks. The PPF should keep it at bay from now on.
I’m doing the same but was trying to rationalize not paying for PFF but it’s needed for what I plan to do 😈
Yeah, may as well spend the $500 to get the bumper covered. It looks to be the only area that could scuff some from the lanyard. You could just do the top area of the bumper, but if you're adding any PPF to that area, may as well spend the money and have the whole bumper done.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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