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Hopefully just fixed my longtime P0456/gas cap light issue

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On my 2016 Challenger Hellcat, ever since the dealership did evap canister recall work on it, ive been having P0456 codes and check gas cap issues. I’ve been honestly putting it off and clearing the codes each time they came up, as they’re not much for concern as far as I am aware.

I ended up replacing the gas cap to no avail. Today I finally found the time to replace the vapor leak detection pump.... this is what I end up seeing as soon as I open up the wheel well cover.


The pump was completely unplugged. Welp, I suppose that may be a huge part of the issue right there. I proceeded with replacing the pump, as it was a $30 part and I may as well to get peace of mind. The original pumps internal plunger mechanism is loose and freefloating, so I assume it’s likely broken.

We’ll see if this ends up fixing my problem, hopefully so! 6 months later, and finally hopefully getting that CEL to go away permanently.
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Dang, I just got that in the mail today! Maybe I'll wait. Other than emissions, any other issues from the old one?
Nope, no other issues with it so far. I’ve put ~30k miles on it and it’s been a fantastic car.
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