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Horsepower locater is available

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Horsepower locater is up on dodge garage
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That’s supposed to be the Power Brikers for upgrades, as far as I know it’s dead in the water until Dodge can secure reliable parts suppliers, I’m guessing as you can’t even get a HC key chain at CDJR’s. The HP locater is supposed to find the car u want at a dealership, unfortunately it is pretty crappy so looking for a HC you get R/T’s or GT’s and it isn’t updated by the dealerships. I know there is an octane RE 2022 model at one but it doesn’t show up on the site.
Dodge is waiting for CARB certification. The HP locater is supposed to find the cars in dealers' stock, but dealerships aren't ordering these cars for stock because almost every allocation is going to customers' orders.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts