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So my wife drags me to a garage sale, and the guy has this wheel for $5.00 bucks, so I said I'll buy it. He laughs and says I've had that wheel for 2 years, but I don't know what it fits, I say I don't care I'm going use it for a hose/wire reel. So I tell what I'm going to do, then he wants the wheel back saying "Ive had that wheel for 2 years not knowing what to do with it now its gone. Here is what I did I cut a piece of 3/4 plywood 24x24 got some threaded rod bolted the wheel thru the wheel bolt holes to the wood and mounted it to my wall. Here are the pictures of my $8.00 hose reel Click on 019JPG and 20 JPG to open picture. I also bought four Craftsman screw driver for a buck that were broken or bent. I took them Sears got brand new ones free.


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