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How do I get rid of this expired services screen?

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UPDATE: So been 10 days since my last post on this. I did hit the bluetooth call and then immediately hung up. Screen showed up a few times after that, but hasn't since. I also haven't driven the car much since then. So for now, so far so good. Nothing worse than having pop up ads on your car's head unit. WTF

I've already installed a separate tracking device that isn't automatically defeated by would be car thieves. And I don't care about unlocking doors or starting my car from the phone. Insurance already covers road hazard. So, since I see no need to renew the XM Guardian, how can I remove this screen permanently? It shows up whenever the car comes to a stop and vanishes again when I get going. Let me get these out of the way for you smart a$$es

  • renew your subscription
  • don't ever stop the car
  • press the remind me later button
  • cover the screen with black tape or pictures of your kids
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I had that message a few weeks ago, when my Guardian XM expired on my 21. The Guardian XM for being able to lock/unlock, remote start, and tracking through the App. It was a PITA as you can click remind me later, and the X, but it Keeps coming back when you come to a stop!! For weeks mine done this and one day it just stopped???? They called me and I told them I was NOT interested in renewing and I Never used these features. It takes the app about 5 mins to lock/unlock and remote start. Also the tracking is BS! I believe they first said renewal was $12 a month then dropped to $10 or $60 for 6 months when I said no.
I said all of that to say this... Call Guardian XM and tell them if you want to keep or drop the service.
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