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How do I get the secret handshake

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OK, I wanted a Hellcat since I first heard about them. Backed off because I'm so turned off by typical dealer sales tactics on 'vehicles of interest'.

I know there are some decent dealers out there and I found and spoke to a few local ones. Then I heard about Bob Frederick. I got some very positive feedback on Bob from a couple of his past/current customers.

I was on the fence for several days about my options. I emailed Bob a few times (super timely and informative responses). I actually spoke with him today and that sealed the deal. He is a rare breed.

I've officially ordered my Hellcat. I"m at the back of the line waiting patiently LOL. So who do I contact for that secret handshake?
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Ohh these forums will keep you well entertained and as for the waiting just know you are in good company. Enjoy the stories and pictures of those lucky ones. Congrats.
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