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How many Canadians on here have ordered a Challenger Jailbreak? Have you gotten a VIN # yet??

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Mine ordered Jan 05-2022 and still in BG status with no VIN #
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When I ordered my vehicle with a few options and small deposit I had never received a vin number or any status code. Seven weeks later the dealer called and informed me my car had arrived.
Your 2022 Challenger Jailbreak has already arrived????
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Not that many have ordered judging by the responses on this board....:rolleyes:
Ordered mine today got a VON# before leaving the dealership… they have 5 jailbreak and 3 super stocks ordered all no VIN# they’re waiting for next batch of allocation La to come through and looks like that’s in mid to late April… they are the largest volume dealer in Canada and still have limited pull but they get as before lots of HC and RE so fingers crossed boys… they told mine wouldn’t be ready till August/September depending on production ramping up once again
Cool ordered my 2022 JB in Jan and still no Vin # either. What is your dealer? where is location? curious?
Ontario Chrysler
ya ontario is a big dealer and good guys as dealer is same ...guess we just wait it out and see what happens. It took 11 months and 7 days to get my 2021 HCREWB so thinking the 2022 JB might be
Somehow i think its going to be a long summer....LOL :rolleyes:
Any other Canuks out there in same boat?
1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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