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How much WHP from 10% Lower on a Redeye? Forza Stage 2 Build Started!

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Hey Gents,

So I ordered my Hellcat Redeye Charger last year and had the dealer install 3.09 Gears and Nittos - which compared to my old 707hp Hellcat with 2.62s...was definitely noticably faster.

However, regardless of what I had read on many threads, the 3.09 gears (when installed without a tune) create issues with the cars match-revving during downshifts and other small quirks with shifting.

So, I've decided to bite the bullet and get the tuned. While I'm at it, I'm doing a mild build.

The car will be receiving

  • ATI 10% OD Damper
  • ER14S plugs
  • Mashimoto 180 Degree Thermostat
  • Forza Tuned Stage 2 Tune- and TCM tune.
  • Gates Belt

Please spare me the time starting a discussion about voided warranties - as I don't give a shit- financially its not a worry and regardless - I'm sure the motor/trans can handle it just fine.

My questions -

Is anyone running a 10% lower on a Redeye? What type of boost should I expect? RWHP numbers? 1/4 Time on 18'' Mickey Thompson ET-Rs?

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I always wanted to go with forza but I'm closer to HHP and for the money I can get more with them. If I was local I'd probably go forza for sure. He does know a good amount about our platform. Pretty sure he even designed some parts for the supercharger. I would make sure he pins the crank though. They do that I know for sure. Any way. Looking forward to whatever numbers you do get out of it. Make sure you post any slips or papers. Do you think you'll go back for the 4R package? Is it the 4R....... or 3R? I can't remember. They do put a nice suspension set up on there with the top + package.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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