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How NOT to go about picking a vendor to modify your Hellcat

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Seemd, given the number of horror stories I have come across, it might be nice to have a post that new owners could look at when trying to decide on whom to use for modifications. I mean, not all of us can tune or build a motor, thats just fact. Before I got into a bunch of detail, I was curious what the other members of the forum thought about something like this. Perhaps it already exists and I did not find it on the site.

What does everyone think? WOuld it be bad form to call out specific vendors? Kepp it real plain? Do the members even think its worth while? I mean, it would have been pretty nice if when making my choice for a shop, that this forum had a wall of sham(e) for shops and people that are known to leave users left holding the bag.

What does everyone think?
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In my opinion the car is better off being completed in house versus ordering an engine, supercharger, pulleys, tune or whatever else and doing it remotely. I know its possible for shops to get it right but its a pain most of the time and you end up spending more time and money trying to get it right than you would with the work being done in house. I have had it done both ways on two separate vehicles and the six hour drive was worth it to get the job done correctly. The package deal I bought for a Roush Mustang was a headache for me and the car was never as good as it was stock. I would most likely still have that car if I had made the drive and had the shop do the job and dyno the car there. I sold it after months of issues

The package I used was supposedly the go to package which made all of 500rwhp. LOL
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