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Originally posted to forum by member Billet Hellcat

Here are some pics to help others not damage there interior trying to remove the Shark fin. (remove at your own risk) I am posting this just for reference because I read quite a few times that it just pops off IT WILL NOT POP OFF!

1. Remove the plastic piece in the center for the 3rd brake light it is held in with 3 clips pull down easy and it will pop off (be carful it is bolted to the headliner) and one Clip on each side on headliner between the 3rd brake light and R&L side to drop the rear headliner about 3".

2. Remove the plastic piece by removing the 2 nuts left side of the car and just loosen the middle on and the 2 right ones. Remove cover from headliner.

3. Get a 10mm wrench and remove the bolt holding the SF in place I placed blue tape to keep it in place. And off comes the Shark Fin.

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