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How to Remove Center Console

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In the event you want to take the center console out to install a shifter, wire in a radar detector is just want to see what's under there here is how to do it.

Very similar to previous years. Lift shifter boot with a plastic trim tool and unbolt the shifter handle. Pic gives you an idea where the tabs are that need to pop out.
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Remove the console center section with the trim tool. Again pic shows the tabs.
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Unplug the heater control panel harness. It will be obvious when you lift it out. Remove the two screws that hold the console to the dash in the front of the console that are now accessible from removing the center section (7mm). Remove plastic trim panels in the rear of the console underneath the armrest and the two bolts (10mm).
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Console slides to the rear for 1-2 inches. Unplug remaining two wiring harness plugs at the front of the console and it can be lifted out. Interesting observation, the center console has a tag on it with my VIN number.
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You need a plastic trim tool, 13mm, 10mm and 7mm sockets to remove the console. Once out you can get to the power outlet wiring and the shifter very easily.
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I just replied to your message chippy, thought I would put it here as well. Didn't know there was already a thread for it. But the auto is basically the same.

Easiest way to do it I have found (removed console 3 times now) is to:
Pop the aluminum piece up and pull it away from the dash so that the entire thing is loose.
Put on the emergency brake, crank the car and hold down the brake pedal. Move the shifter into drive to give you room to move the panel.
Unplug the connector to the switches, then twist it sideways. BE careful, the leather surround is very thin and the bottom on the cover could tear it if it snags on the switches or tabs.
Once it is sideways, lift it up and reach under it and disconnect the cable.
Then lift the shift boot as far up as you can. There is one star screw that you need to remove.
It is tight quarters so be careful not to drop the screw into the console.
Lift off the handle, remove the panel and place shift lever back in park.
3 screws in the front of the console
behind each seat at the rear of the console is a square cover, pop it out and remove the 2 screws. Console will now slide back to access the lighter power cable.
I believe it is the pink with black stripe you want to tap into.
Hope that helps
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1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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