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What's up everybody, I have recently ordered my 2021 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody ToroRed. It is supposed to be ready and delivered by the end of October. Hopefully they don't delay it all. I was already picking out certain things to do to the kitty. I have already got someone on standby to do my ceramic coat, ppf, and tints. I wanted to ask though what do y'all think about getting HR springs instead of Coilovers. I know that coilovers would be the obvious choice because they would work best. I have read places that some people when they add the HR Springs the ride feels bumpy. A buddy of mine has a charger scatpack wide body and said it gets bumpy with just HR springs so I was reading if I get HR springs and some shocks the ride shouldn't be bumpy. I just want to know if anyone can answer that for me or has any similar experience.
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