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HUGE Paxton/Vortech SALE TODAY @Beefcake Racing!!! 15% OFF!!!

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Take advantage of 15% off Paxton/Vortech Superchargers for day 10 of Beefcake Racing's 15 day Christmas Sale!!!

Vortech Superchargers - Shop All Vortech Kits & Parts ~ Beefcake Racing

Paxton Centrifugal Superchargers - Mustang, Camaro, Mopar Kits ~ Beefcake Racing

15% off Baer brakes with 50% off color upgrades tomorrow !!! True Motorsport Monday! $335 ON 6RSTAGER!

Baer Brakes - Big Brake Kits, Drag Brakes ~ Beefcake Racing

True Motorsports - Auto Trans Staging Devices ~ Beefcake Racing

Sitewide 10% off sale* is still live too!

Don't forget the bonus day on 12/24 where ALL SALES will be live again!

Christmas Deals & Sales - Performance Automotive Parts ~ Beefcake Racing



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What about MT drag radials? Can you make a deal on those today?
Not really any mark up on tires since we cover the shipping on them. Tires are always site priced.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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