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HVAC Carbon Fiber

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Anyone aware of someone making an exact match HVAC panel in carbon to match the carbon/suede oem ?

not looking for a lane stick on kit

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Will be custom done. Look for interior customization shops that specialize in higher end cars. They all should be able to do it now or know a company that can. They take real carbon fiber and infuse it into the actual part and will finish it any way you wish for it to be done. That piece I would expect it to be about $500 based off previous quotes I've had for some of my cars. I could recommend a place but they are in Austin Texas (no affiliation with them) but I don't think they do takeout work as they want to make sure everything fits perfect after they make the part but may be worth reaching out if you can't find someone local. The company is called Carbon Candy and they do great work.

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