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I am wondering if we could have one area for all orders and owners to update info

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First of all I do not have the ability to build a spread sheet and continue to update and share this data. I would be willing to make a contribution thru paypal or other for someone to tackle this endeavor. Here is what I think would be good to know ( available in one place). I am sure someone on the Forum may have a better idea. I see a lot of activity with RS updates, not sure if he is tracking same cars many times, or in fact our Forum members are getting a lot more cars to D status? This info might be useless ..who knows..might help Sept Von Hell folks see a little bigger picture. If this is a bad idea tell me so..

First Piece of data # of Forum Members
People who own a Hellcat Bought off a Lot
People who own a Hellcat Ordered and Delivered
People who have a D Status or Better Hellcat in Current Production ( would need removed when car is delivered)
People who have a Von ( list duplicate orders) / Date(s) and Dealer(s) Ordered
Total Percentage & Total Count of Forum members with Cars
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First piece of data is on the home page, right column, scroll down. I'm not sure where you would get all the other data. People generally do not give up info unless they have something to gain. I posted a graph recently that provides some insight at this thread: The VON and the VIN
Thanks what you have done is helpful
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