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I caught a White Unicorn!!!

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So last Sunday I was driving around with the wife in the Durango while our little one slept. We decided to go to the local dealership in town and see the B5 and the bright white color on the Chargers they had in stock in person. I wanted to see what color I wanted to get my Charger Hellcat in when my number comes up at the dealer allocation list I'm already on. I looked and decided that the bright white is for sure the color. I asked to use the restroom before going back on the road. I was admiring the Challenger HC they had on the floor sales floor and asked if they had a list for allocations for the Charger HC. They said no we don't but we have one coming in. I said that's nice but I'm sure it's sold. He said no it's actually not. WHAAAAT! Are you serious?! One of the sales guys spoke up and said why not just put him on this one? So in the back room we went to pull up the options and color on the one they have ordered. It was the color I wanted but didn't have the options I wanted. They took my number and said they would get back to me after they talked with the factory to see if they could change the options before it's built. They called yesterday and said the options are changed and the car is mine!! Holy crap I'm getting a Charger Hellcat and I only paid $1000 above invoice! I have the paperwork to prove it too. I'm currently in a "C" status and should have the car before the end of summer. I caught a unicorn! If your looking for one it doesn't hurt to look at the smaller dealerships.
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Awesome price!!! I am leaning between white and black. Not sure which shade of either so I am down to four....

Looking forward to seeing your pictures when it arrives!!

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