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I finally made it into the 9's in the 1\4 mile.

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I was at the Radford Racing School, on October 22nd ( the Demon drag racing course) and after 7 runs I finally went 9.988 on my 8th and final pass.
The track temps were approx. 79 degrees, and we had been running the cars for the past four hours.
The two instructors, Chuck and Josh were very professional and extremely knowledgeable.
After approx. 20 minutes of instructions, I was able to utilize the Demon's trans brake with no issues.
This was my 2nd time going to this facility, the 1st was for the SRT Driving Experience, and the staff is always amazing.


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Was this on the 808 tune or 840?
Very nice! But a .60 60 ft?
It almost looks like the R/T and 60' are reversed.
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