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I'm just going to wear this while driving mine:

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I know, you can buy carbon fiber HC hoods on ebay for weeks now and we all know there are tons of HC badges out there. So you know all the v6 cars will be putting that crap on, then getting waxed by an ecoboost Focus....then the video will go viral. Geez.

Same thing happens to GT500's. Personally I think they should charge $400 each for the HC badges, like the Harley Davidson Edition badges on an F250 are metal, thick and heavy and cost $250.
You were on the news, RadCat hahahahahah

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One glimpse of me, and viewers will ASSUME it's a 'fake Hellcat', I'm usually unshaven and swarthy in ratty old jeans with a twenty-year-old Tool concert shirt on with 'cigarette' burn holes in it...
Well sometimes I wear white t shirt, shorts and slippers. But people I'm sure still judge me haha

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When the brain dead neighbour across the street from me first seen it he asked me how can a painter afford a car like
Then he said he must of been in the wrong business ,I told him yes "everybody else's"
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