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OK, 1911's are sweet and pretty, and naturally great shooters. I have even learned to tune them myself so they are more reliable.

However, there is only one pistol I want when planning to raid Hell to kidnap Hitler's ghost to stand trial...

And it will be my Glock 17 EDC (Every Day Carry).

When not on my hip, it spends it's life rarely more than 2 feet from me, and with my custom holster I can even wear it in my swim trunks. Checks in at 2lbs, 1 ounce, fully loaded with 18 rounds of 124+P 9mm.

More reliable ?? You can't get more reliable than a 1911, unless it's a cheap piece of junk. Glocks are great pistols I have a couple myself but I have to take issue with a 1911 not being reliable, a hundred plus years history say's different.
1 - 2 of 89 Posts
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