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I Have Two Loves Hellcats and 1911's

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Like the title says I have two loves Hellcats and 1911's. The problem is they are both expensive mistresses. :eek: Anyone else have this dilemma. :(
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You can't get more reliable? Yes, actually, I can.

I've owned and sold every 1911 from the Colts to the latest cheap Phillipino crew, six now in total have passed through my hands ranging from brand new to over 50 years old, and everyone of them jammed with modern hollowpoints, some even with hardball.

I have also owned/do own Sigs, Berettas, H&Ks and Smiths semis as well. All of them worked.

Every, and I mean EVERY 1911 I have owned had feeding problems till I threw money and/or elbow grease at it, and some special magazine. I don't even clean or oil my Glock-maybe once every 600-100 rounds? Why? Because it is 100% reliable, 100% of the time regardless.

And in case you are wondering, I am an armorer for Sig, H&K, Beretta, and Glock, and a firearms instructor. I have seen A LOT OF GUNS, a lot of people, and a lot of ammo fired.
I stand by my original statement.

here is some more kool aid to drink ( by the way I love 1911s but carry a Sig)
I am very experienced with all my weapons and would not use or carry them unless I can trust them 100% most people don't shoot in matches and don't practice enough. This is a funny video enjoy

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Recent report states that America is armed to gills with over 300 millions guns over any other nation. I can't imagine any Terrorist (ok they're crazy) wanting to carry out an attack here without knowing they'll surely meet their fate.
Well I told the sheriff in my county if he ever hears of a robbery or a break in at my house don't rush out to help. Just call the coroner. Cause he'll be laying there. And he knows I'm serious

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Love my glocks, love my 1911's, gotta say mainly: I love the USA because not only can I have glocks AND 1911's, but I can have a Hellcat too! ( but only if FCA says I can).
Please let me have one!!!
I know I'll be good this time!
81 - 89 of 89 Posts
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