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I raced in SCCA for 15 years. Started out in Improved Touring in a beater RX-7. Then I moved up to T-1 in a Corvette, and eventually STO. I've always loved burn-outs, drifting, big power-on oversteers, all that stuff. And so I have a Challenger HC RE WB. But in the middle of a public intersection, with young drivers, old drivers, soccer moms, and very possibly pedestrians trying to walk across the street, that move would be criminally insane. That driver is a moron.

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Lololo......totally agree, that’s exactly why I’ve never done it. I just get a kick out of all the power these things have and knowing I could do it, just makes me smile. I’ve read on here that “these cars want to kill you” and doing stupid crap like this is exactly how it happens.

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As much of a D-bag that he is - he pulled it off perfectly lol. Moronic for sure though.

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I know it’s stupid and I’m sure I’d probably run into something.....but, for some reason I’ve always felt like doing this.

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I have considered doing the exact same thing.

What I do instead, when I have a left turn signal with no one behind me, and no one signalling a right turn ahead of me is roll Mach-uber-slow through the interesection. I mean below old-lady walking speed. During this one-car parade, people can look and marvel at the otherworldly beauty that is the Hellcat, and wonder at what is going on.

It's not like they can do anything else and I'm not holding up traffic, but they HAVE to watch.

I also hope to plant some little "OMG that is so cool" seeds in their minds, especially the kids, and add some small vector to their life's journey that will influence them towards the gravitational pull of a Dodge dealership.
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