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Why does a 300 with the nav have the CD and not the challenger? The hellcat charger has it! Like you said it's the future. I guess I will get all those CD's I have and get them on a MP3. I had most of.them on the hard drive with my 392.
These Hellcats launch so hard, the CD's would skip like old vinyl records with scratches! (Actually, I too wish it had a CD player, just trying to add levity; I just got my first 21century device, solely because I found out the sad news about the lacking CD teen daughter has been loading this little mini-pod (or whatever it's called, I've never felt so feminine) with my discs (she has the bigger device, guess a maxi-pad, I don't go there!) I've heard it already through some headphones, sounds fine, but one big issue I have is that whenever a modern song comes on, it sounds fine (such as Lamb of God or System of a Down) but then randomly the next song will be vintage rock (Led Zep or Black Sabbath) and then it sounds way too quiet. I mean, I understand that the old albums aren't as high-fidelity, and have less output and dynamic range, but, shouldn't this 'modern technology' equalize it, so I don't have to adjust the volume for each song that comes up on shuffle??!? Is there some 'compression' or 'volume leveling' or some other such feature that will make all the songs sound similarly loud?
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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