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If you have a car you'll be a rock star through the summer

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Hot off the press Dodge has announced it has stopped taking all orders to catch up. With 9000 cars ordered and more demand they could accommodate, they have done a hard reset. I suspect ordered cars will continue to slowly trickle in, but I think those who have cars can safely say they will be in rock star status through the summer. There is good and bad to all of this. I wished FCA just realized this in October when then saw the orders rolling in by the hundreds. The chances for many to get a 15 model year is looking bleak, but I do believe Dodge wants to set the ship straight. With issues like the fuel lines and electronic glitches, I hope Dodge takes the extra time in making and delivering a car with no problems. R&D is suppose to weed these things out given the proper time. In the mean time, I hope those waiting get what they were promised.
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I am telling you - 99.9% of the people have no clue what my Hellcat Charger is. You really can't distinguish it from an SRT or even a RT unless you are really familiar with the lineup. No one seems to notice it. My yellow 2012 Superbee was a different story. That got more conversations, thumbs up and looks than any other car I owned. Even the pastor at my church said my Superbee caused him some evil thoughts of envy. I wonder what he's going to say about the Hellcat.
The looks of the Charger are understated which is good and bad.
Good: less noticeable when speeding
Bad: understated looks may not draw the attention like a bright yellow car that everyone confuses with the transformer movies. My 07 mustang drew the same looks and every kid under 12 mentioned the transformers movie when referring to the car. Lol.
Personally I think the Charger looks just right and gives one the ability to trounce unsuspecting dummies on the line and on the highway. My challenger screams you wanna race?
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