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Ignition Relay

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I've had some random electrical issues recently. Once at the track, my car totally died mid way through a pull. Pulled over, got out and reseated the relays and took off. I've had a couple of times where at the house, car would not start. Lights come on, but no crank. In trying to figure out what is going on, I could pull the relays in the fuse box on the PS side of the engine compartment and reseat them and it would start. I tried adding a touch of copper seize to all of the terminals on the relays and reseated them. No change.

With the car running, the only 2 relays that will "kill" the car are the ASD and Ignition relays. Looking the relays over closely, they appear fine. I went to O'Reilly and they had replacement relays. I bought 2 and replaced the ASD and Ignition Relays.

I found this post where another guy was having a similar problem. Has anyone else had issues with those relays?
I'm hoping the new relays fix the issue. I had a decent pull going on last night at the track, but my car still cut out I'd say 4 times in the pass for split seconds. If it is not the relays, what else could it be?

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I was in and out of my HC quite a few times today. No issues with starting since replacing the two relays.
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