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Illiterate 2017 Charger Hellcat

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I put 305s with 10.5" wheels on the rear of my Hellcat (275s in front) for summer only (Continental Extreme Contact). The car can read the front TPMS, but not the rear. I just replaced the Continentals with Pirelli PZeros at the dealer and asked for OEM sensors. The car still could not read the rear TPMS. The dealer tried to "connect" them 7 times. The car has no problem with the OEM rear 275s. Thoughts? Comments?
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There is no "Connecting" the TPMS sensors on Dodges. The system autolearns them. I have multiple sets of wheels/tires for my Challenger and our Jeep and just swap the wheels sets and within a few miles they TPMS syncs up. It could be the wheels but more likely the sensors are wrong or bad. I have a 10.5" set of Brass Monkey clones on the rear and the TPMS works fine.
Although my aftermarket wheels with aftermarket TPMS were never "learned" by the system, I can report that this morning I moved the Hellcat about 20 feet to check the tire pressures with my own gauge. A couple of hours later I moved it back under its car shelter, and the passenger-side rear TPMS suddenly showed up! Not the driver-side though (yet). Other than the minor movements of this morning, I had only driven from the dealer and for a couple of errands...perhaps 20 miles total. So I'm now hoping the left-driver TPMS is a slow learner, and not a total dunderhead like the aftermarket TPMS units. (I's the car, not the units.)

The service advisor used the term "connect" to describe the TPMS communicating with the car, as in, say Bluetooth, so that's the term I used.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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