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Importing a car from Canada?

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Has anyone done it?

I found a SRT-4 for sale in Canada, and was wondering if I could drive to go get it & drive it back over the border?

From some quick Googling, it looks like I might just need a Bill of Sale, the title, & POSSIBLY a "Manufacturer’s Statement/Certificate of Origin."
And then I might have to fill out a thing for customs, I believe.

The car was sold here & there, so it shouldn't have any issues meeting requirements.

I'm in Michigan and the car is about 3 hours away in Ontario.

Any help/feedback would be appreciated
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I left you a note on your other thread about the fact that you cannot get any warranty service in the US on a car that was originally built for the Canadian market. A few months back when I was originally looking at used Hellcats I asked my dealer to run a service history on a car and he said outright: "Make sure its not a Canadian market car. We arent allowed to do any warranty work on them and if it shows up at a dealership here, the VIN will get blacklisted in the database immediately."

I realize its a Neon SRT-4 and long out of warranty but I figure you should be aware in case there are any other weird issues that accompany that.
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