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Importing a car from Canada?

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Has anyone done it?

I found a SRT-4 for sale in Canada, and was wondering if I could drive to go get it & drive it back over the border?

From some quick Googling, it looks like I might just need a Bill of Sale, the title, & POSSIBLY a "Manufacturer’s Statement/Certificate of Origin."
And then I might have to fill out a thing for customs, I believe.

The car was sold here & there, so it shouldn't have any issues meeting requirements.

I'm in Michigan and the car is about 3 hours away in Ontario.

Any help/feedback would be appreciated
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That article is good info.
I would call the different offices that was mentioned (obviously not the Texas part. LOL) to be sure nothing has changed since the article. There may be more to do if the car is not at least 25yrs old.
When I stopped driving trucks we were required to fax the paperwork a minimum of 5hrs before arrival at customs. The fine for not complying was 5k so check into that.
A Customs Broker may be of help. Not sure what they charge but a call to one that has an office at the crossing you will be using may be helpful.
Also check to see what is needed for you to cross over here, both due to Covid and if you are crossing with a substantial amount of money.
Good luck and do share the experience. It will provide great info.
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