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Importing a car from Canada?

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Has anyone done it?

I found a SRT-4 for sale in Canada, and was wondering if I could drive to go get it & drive it back over the border?

From some quick Googling, it looks like I might just need a Bill of Sale, the title, & POSSIBLY a "Manufacturer’s Statement/Certificate of Origin."
And then I might have to fill out a thing for customs, I believe.

The car was sold here & there, so it shouldn't have any issues meeting requirements.

I'm in Michigan and the car is about 3 hours away in Ontario.

Any help/feedback would be appreciated
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I found a SRT-4 for sale in Canada
What year?

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So.....this is not a done deal or anything. I'm just trying to figure out what I need to do to make it (possibly) happen.

I called FCA and, shockingly, it's a common thing and she started a case for me & then sent me an email with the info they need (mainly from the seller) to give me the letter stating it can be imported here.

I'm 99% sure that I need that, a bill of sale, and a title.
Then I'll have to go to customs and fill out a form, and then pay duty/tax on the car and I'm on my way.
THEN I can take all that paperwork to the Sec. of State here in Michigan to register it.

Insurance shouldn't be a problem.
My ONLY big unknown, at the moment, is a temporary license plate to get the car home. Michigan won't give me one without a title, which I wouldn't have let. Unless I have to get a temporary plate in Canada?
I think that's about it.

Here's a link that seems to cover everything..

Also run the VIN for the build sheet to make sure it comes up and shows as a Canada Market Specifications vehicle.



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Were you saying to double check because had it been a US car that it would’ve been easier to bring here (I would imagine)?
Mainly that it was a good VIN and just proving what it was, either way should be the same bringing in.

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It's definitely a Canada car from the build sheet.

So you think that if it was a US car, but in Canada currently, that it'd be an issue "importing" it?
Just curious
No, same either way, now if it was an export car it might be harder.

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