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In cabin speakers

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I have my subs and box and amp etc. on order already. I’m looking at ordering some speakers for in the cab. I do not plan on adding an amp to these at the moment. They will be running off of the factory power. In the future I plan on adding an amp depending on the sound. Has anyone used these? I was looking at some infinity brand ones also for the doors and rear deck but any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated.

I was looking at these for the doors: Alpine R-S69.2 R-Series 6x9-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

these for the rear deck: Alpine R-S65.2 R-Series 6 1/2-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speakers (Pair)

and these for the dash

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I have (3) Infinity Kappa Perfect 300M’s in my dash board running off the factory HK amp, they sound better than the HK’s, but I’m running Hertz Mille Pro MPK 165.3 components in the front doors and rear deck running off of a SunDown Audio SAE 100.4.
well I ended up just ordering Skar for everything in the car. I figured I could just return them if I didn’t like them and go with my original plan. Thanks for letting me know though! I was hoping for more suggestions but something is better than nothing 😂
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