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In need of a pitch black shark fin antenna (Charger)

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Can the shark fin antenna covers be ordered? I can't find a part number. The only ones I can find online are "dummy" shark fins on ebay. I am looking for a true OEM shark fin, painted pitch black, or unpainted. Thanks in advance!
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HB, your part number saved the day. Just got it ordered for $30, and should be here in a few days. Thanks again!
HI there!
could you help out which website you bought it..
cant find a link where i can place the order
Thanks in advance.
I'm not the OP, but I just bought this from here: Cover - Mopar (5ZW42DX8AA) | Steve White Parts Hope this helps!
Thanks a lot chief.. It helps !!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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