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Installed Auxito LED 9005 bulbs on my 19 Charger 392

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Replaced my Diode Dynamics HID kit that I had for over a year with Auxito LED 9005 bulbs. I installed them two nights ago. Huge difference in throw as well as overall visibility.

The Diode Dynamics just didnt provide enough light down road no matter how much I adjusted them. Plus there is just so many components to hide and tuck with HID kits, so for a $180 HID "made in usa" kit it was a waste imo. Plus I have pics of the HID bulbs, and the passenger side was failing to ignite about two months ago.

The Auxito led 9005 have adjustable bulb/base so install alignment for the beam pattern to stay at 3 & 9 o clock positions were easy.

They are claimed rated to 16000 lumens per pair. And are 40w each.

I didnt use an anti flicker module either, no need. Didnt have a light out indicator or anything. Plus they fit behind the dust cover perfectly.

Being 6500k they match the factory Charger Led DRL and Fogs.

Yeah a lot of people state LED suck in our halogen projector housing but I disagree now. Totally worth the $60 for the pair.



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Interesting & good info.
I looked on Amazon, but (it looks like) is the 6500k the only color/temp they offer?
And did you have your fog lights on too, in the pics above?

Dumb question: I assume you want the LED chip board running vertical, when installed in the headlight?
THANKS! I have a Charger too ;)

Seems like I might make the jump too, from the DD HID kit, as I don't find it very bright either

It seems pretty straight forward, don't get me wrong, but I don't have I guess I'll have to search some more for videos & other reviews

EDIT: Just found this video, but he used different bulbs. It looks like he used non adjustable (bases) ones:
You should make a FB just to join the groups. There is a lot more activity and details on a daily basis. Plus its quicker to ask questions etc.

Anyway, here are some photos below that may help you that I posted on FB groups to aid with the install of the bulbs.

When looking from the front of the car, imagine looking through the projector housing at the bulb shown below. You'll want the base adjusted as shown. Notice the location of the power cable, and the small tab at the bottom. The small tab is aligned correctly so you'll slide the bulb into the projector housing just like in the picture. Both the driver side and passenger side bulbs will need to be aligned just like this.

Once you have inserted the bulb shown above, you'll then rotate the bulb until it locks in place. Once locked in place, the led bulbs will be in the 3 oclock and 9 oclock position as shown below. Hopefully this makes sense and helps you out. LOCKED IN PLACE/Installed orientation.
Got it! Many thanks (y)

I'm definitely interested, but was reading the reviews on Amazon (although only a small percentage) saying that these didn't last long though.....that's the ONLY reason I haven't pulled the trigger. I don't want to be constantly replacing bulbs, or go in the car at night & only one's working kind of deal
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So I tried the Auxito bulbs yesterday and they weren't putting out that much more light than my Diode Dynamic HID kit actually.
It was whiter because they're 6500k (I have 5000k HID bulbs), but it wasn't that much brighter.

I did like the instant turn on though, for being LED, as opposed to the warm up time for the HID kit.

Side note....the Auxito bulbs were also flickering ever so slightly. I plugged in a D.D. Anti-Flicker module and it stopped though.
And only having the bulbs on for like 5-10 minutes, testing/comparing the light....they got SUPER hot.
Interesting, yeah I didn't have to use a anti flicker module at all. And the led have fans on them too. But yeah those modules get super hot as well.

Mine are still going strong and still emitted better overall output over the diode dynamics HID I had prior. The output of the HID arent justified by the 180 price tag at least for me anyway.

Granted my car is a 2019 392 which the SRT variant wasnt offered then, so maybe there are some differences for earlier years. The only year model I've heard that had flickering was a 2015 392.

Either way this is good info.
I have a 2019 (392) Scat just like you.
Like I said, the flickering was VERY faint but I noticed it & the anti flicker module cleared it up....if you're anal/picky about stuff like that.

I do agree that these are A LOT cheaper than the DD HID kit, and definitely easier to install. But with my HID kit on one side & this LED bulb on the other, I didn't see a difference in light output to be honest.

I just ordered some 6000k HID bulbs and I'll see how those work out, to get me some whiter light.

But, in hindsight, I would've ran these LED bulbs had I not already the DD HID kit installed. I have it all nicely tucked away on the car, so if I wanted to remove it all I'd have to pull the bumper off & what not. Not hard to do, but for the same light worth it IMO/for my scenario.

I'd still recommend these bulbs for anyone looking to upgrade from the stock halogen bulbs though, especially for only $45 and they drop right in with no mods.
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Please keep us updated on these LEDs. I spent several hours last night on Amazon looking at the ratings of approximately 40 or more of similar 9005 LEDs as well as the Auxito. Every one had complaints of not working right out of the box and/or very short life. Very discouraging. Especially the reports of total failure at night on the road.
I never installed them actually....I ended up trading the car in & picked up a car with the factory HID's
So are these the "go to" LED bulbs still???

I just picked up a new Daytona, and unfortunately it doesn't have the factory Xenon's :(
And the stock halogen bulbs are AWFUL after searching Amazon it seems they have a "newer" version of the Auxitos that is more compact.
I might try them:

Reading the reviews...someone else recommended these too, but they're double the price:

I might order both to try out after searching Amazon it seems they have a "newer" version of the Auxitos that is more compact.
I might try them:

Reading the reviews...someone else recommended these too, but they're double the price:

I might order both to try out
Piggybacking my old post....the Sealights were terrible & I returned them right away.

I ended up using the compact Auxitos. They're just slightly larger than the stock halogen bulbs and didn't have any external wiring or drivers or anything.
A DIRECT replacement for the halogen bulbs and matched the DRL's & fog lights....slightly brighter, but more importantly weren't giving off the ugly orange light of the halogen bulbs.
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