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Installing Aftermarket Upgrades on my Jailbreak

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As some of you may know I finally got my Jailbreak recently and of course I do have a list of upgrades to install.

This is what I’ve got so far:
  • ZL1 Rock guards
  • ZL1 Skirts
  • ZL1 Rear Delux Difuser
  • Mopar SRT door sills (why does this don’t come standard?)
  • Mopar rear Strut brace
  • Mopar trunk carpet (this also should’ve been factory standa
Still pending to install:
  • ZL1 Front Splitter (not installed yet)
  • Mopar black SRT Rear license plate kit
  • Mopar Hellcat logo stem valve caps
  • Front strut brace (haven’t figured out which one to install)
  • Windows tint and PPF (got appointment for mid August)

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Any recommendations for the front strut brace? Looking to keep the original Inter cooler reservoir, anyone knows if the original Mopar will fit?

Also, what brake pads do you recommend for daily driver and for track to replace the OEM?

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I would think the OEM pads would have way more grip then the powerstop cermic a though. Trading grip for less dust……
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Yeah, I’ve been looking for a good deal on a set of Michelins but they’ve been out of stock at Costco, they only carry the all season version and given what I’ve heard about the summer tires I’m leaning towards those. I do like get them from Costco as their installation cost is much lower plus they offer lifetime rotation and their insurance is decent all included into the cost of the tires!

Im also in the look for the UPR catch can (fender version) but I’ll wait for a Black Friday or someone whose selling it that they don’t want it any longer.

Diff brace I’m not so sure about it as I don’t want any complaints from Dodge if I have to take it for either service or warranty claim, however if a good deal pops outyou can bet I’ll be bidding for it 🤓

I’m not planning to take it to the Drag strip nor track but who knows maybe in the future I might change my mind!

Thanks for the suggestions
I read that dodge can give you an issue if you have a catch can installed for any warranty work? Just a heads up maybe remove it if you ever go in for service
I HIGHLY doubt any Dodge dealer is going to void warranty work over a catch can. It's a passive device that alters nothing and only removes the dirty oil atomized into the air that is sent back into the engine to burn. I have never heard of a single instance of anyone catching a hard time over a catch can from a dealer. The diff brace to me is insurance against excessive wear and possible breakage from wheel hop and hard launches. The way I see it, I would rather have it on there preventing the diff from moving all around and causing wear and damage to the axles or gearset. If by some chance I do have a problem, remove four bolts and it is back to stock. I think the more risky approach is not using a diff brace and incurring excessive wear and damage while under warranty and then finally breaking after the warranty is up. Oh also the UPR catch can is plug and play. Save the factory hoses which are also snap-on and you can always remove the catch can before taking it to the dealer in literally 5 minutes.
I have a catch can on my Tahoe because it's a Direct Injection motor and the valves get filthy, I actually just had the intake manifold off and had to walnut blast each intake valve! Before/after below on my truck.

The hellcats are port injection so the fuel washes off all the crap on the valves; still on the fence if I will put one on mine. I agree can't hurt though. How much it would help though on a Port Injection I would think it's not completely necessary.
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So why wouldn’t Dodge put it on the car from the factory if the catch can is supposed prevent premature wear. I just don’t get the whole catch can craze. Cars with or without a catch can don’t run any different. Is there evidence out there that proves the car runs better or lasts longer with a catch can?
easy. It’s another maintenance item that needs to be checked frequently and a lot of people will just let them overflow.
Second, you don’t need a catch can to make the 5yr warranty, dodge engineers calculated you don’t need a can to make the engine last to its warranty period.

All that said I still don't run a can on my car; only direct injection cars I will. Never seen a port injection car so fouled up from the PCV system that it won't run right. DI cars I have first hand experience that it will. BUT, I can't see how a can will HURT so it don't matter, to each his own.
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