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Interior swap 8/10/21 (leather for suede)

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I have a 18 hellcat charger with the black leather the car is in mint condition and so is the leather, looking to trade or buy the ruby red suede seats.
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Fun fact: Alcantara is an Italian company brand name. They make simulated suede. Some users of Alcantara call it "Vegan leather." There is no animal components in Alcantara. It's all plant and chemical components.

I for one don't care for it in the Challenger. The Alcantara seats in my 392 really cramped my back/legs (I'm 6'5"). The Laguna has extra bolstering and padding and I don't get uncomfortable at all in it. The Alcantara really isn't to blame though, it's the difference in seat design that affects me. My gripe on Alcantara is that it is near impossible to get greasy stains out. I had a stain on my passenger seat cushion that I, nor a professional upholstery cleaner could get out. I have no idea what it was.
So option wise, there were smooth leather, suede, and Alcantara?
Cloth, Alcantara, Laguna, and Laguna with the Alcantara package which added Alcantara door, steering wheel, and seat trim in Alcantara. My T/A 392 was Laguna/Alcantara. The seat sides and outer trim were Laguna, but the butt cushion, seat back and headrest were Alcantara. After only 2 years, my Alcantara steering wheel had permanent hand grip marks/stains at the 12 o'clock position. I drove manuals for 30 years and even with an A8, I still drive with my left hand on the wheel, right hand on the shifter. Granted, I don't think I ever drove it in automatic mode anyway. Same with the Hellcat.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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