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is 35,000 miles alot for a manual hellcat?

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FOund a body style and build I love for a manual cat. Looks to be in good shape. its a 2019 with 35k miles. Anyone have issues with used hellcats?
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My 17 is used. By me. 46k miles and running strong. 35k is not a lot of miles IMO.
Assume it's been beat on. But they're tough, that's what they were built for.
However, regular maintenance schedules means you may have some things to do soon (eg check the brake rotors and pads, may need new fluids, clutch might be worn if they smoked it a bunch), so just account for that in your price when you haggle. A 2019 still has life left in the 5yr/60k factory powertrain warranty, so you have that in your favor.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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