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Is it easy to install my 12" sub and amp?

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I have a 12" CAB in a ported box and CAB 1600.1 amp from my last car. I have delayed installing them as I wouldn't use it much, but there just taking up space in the garage and I'm not impressed with my HK system ('15 Challenger Hellcat). Is this a simple plug and play on this car? I read a couple threads where people talked about some electronics functions not working after stereo work. If I just tap into the Sub wire for the input can that mess anything up? Thanks in advance.
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this thread has all the info you need to add (replace) the subs and add an amp. I actually did this right after I got my current HC. It helps, but the deficiencies in the rest of the HK system are still there. My Challenger Hellcat subwoofer upgrade thread
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