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Is the Harmon Kardon audio worth it?

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Still shopping for my 1st Challenger Hellcat and wondered what everyone thought about the HK audio vs the standard system? I found a Redeye without the HK for a great price and this decision is holding me up.
Any helpful opinions appreciated.
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I don’t have it on mine and I am ok without but I have friends that love the HK speakers and are like it is a must have. The decision comes down more to preference..the HK has a subwoofer and alpine does not.
To me other then the subwoofer I can't tell the difference......

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Love it. Have had two with it now and wouldnt order without it.
I have the Alpine in my 17 RAM... its great. I have the HK in my 16 HC... Its great. It may be the variation of vehicle acoustics, but the HK is better than the Alpine imo.
I like the Alpine over the Harmon Kardon, subs seem to just thump thump thump, anyway you want to hear the exaust all the time anyway.
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My R/T had the HK. My Scat Pack had the Alpine, as does my HC. I'm not an audiophile and not having the upgraded stereo does not take away from my enjoyment of owning the car. I don't want anything drowning out the supercharger or exhaust note anyhow. Having said that, if it's a must have for you, I wouldn't settle. You'll regret it later.
I have the HK on my Hellcat and Alpine in my Silverado, I prefer the HK, especially with a little AC DC.
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I love the HK system. I bought my first challenger “a 2019 5.7 T/A” and it didn’t have it so when I traded it in for my 19 WBHC in August it was on my must have list of options. The only downside I’ve seen it it causes the plastic on the interior to loosen up a rattle a bit “I’m constantly tightening things back up but I listen to my music loud lol” but over all if I get another HC and use it for a street car I’m getting the sound system again.
Have the system in my redeye, its was worth it to me. Ive heard the Alpines are decent, but the HK is really great
I have a challenger hellcat the Harman subwoofer isn’t bad has decent BANG to it but the speakers within the car they are straight garbage the magnets are a size of quarter I’m in the middle of actually getting speaker upgrade in my car they are such crap
I would try and listen to both systems if you can. Obviously we have different opinions and only you can tell for sure.
I have the HC system in mine and a correction I have to make is that it has Dual 10” subs. Also the thump thump issue can easily be solved by using the equalizer. Adjust the thump as loud as you want. I agree with another poster above, they are a little lack lustre but when I first got the car my wife absolutely loved it cause with the motor and sound system she felt a teenager again, driving around with the system pumping. It’s loud enough to drown out the roar of the exhaust from inside the car
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I had the HK in my 15 HC. To me it was underwhelming for what "I" thought a 19 speaker 900 watt system should be. It didnt sound bad, just "is that it?" it was loud but didnt seem to have the range or quality I was expecting I guess.

I have the Alpine in my 392 TA and am just as happy with it. Actually more happy since it was $600 less.

Ive heard the charger has much better sound with the HK. Dunno.

I dont think Id get the base radio. I listened to it in a 1320 in the showroom. Sounds fine but I think it might be lacking in volume with the windows down. I dont know. For the $$ all of these cars should come minimum with the upgraded alpine.
If anyone has changed the speakers to aftermarket speakers, please chime in, that may be the HK shortcoming, but for a $1500.00 HK upgrade it should blow everyone away. I'm used to my home livingroom Luxman M5/C5 system 200 watts per channel with HPM 200 home speakers which have spoiled me forever.
Both my 2016 & 2018 Hellcat Challengers had the Harmon Kardon, my 2019 RE has the Alpine and to be honest I can't tell the difference with both sounding GREAT to me; however, I'm no audiophile.
The lack of subwoofer in the trunk removes about 20 LBS and gives you added storage. I thought I recall seeing one of our members installing a dedicated temporary spare tire which seemed to fit perfectly in that cavity ?(y)
I had an Alpine in my 2016 Scatpack. When I bought my 2017 Hellcat I said it must have the HK system because of the sub in the trunk. I really didn’t care for it. My music preferences are mostly metal. Too much bass. My 2019 has the Alpine. I think it sounds better for my music.
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The HK in my '16 Hellcat is just too much bass. You turn the bass way down for some music sources, then have to turn it back up for others; I'm always adjusting so that I don't get pounded, but can still hear some bass. I've liked subwoofers in other cars I've owned, but not this one. Getting the "base" system rather than the "bass" system next time.
I love my HK audio, no complaints.
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