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Is this normal or ok for an LMI intake?

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Just got my lmi cai and noticed a bit of an iffy spot on it. Other than that it seems fine I'm just worried about the potential of it flaking and getting sucked into the intake. It is smooth to the touch in the 2nd picture but the 1st pics surface area at the bottom is a bit rough.
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Or you could remove whatever it is they have goin on it there, polish the inside, and wrap the outside with gold foil

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You could leave that hose off and it would not throw a code…

You would however end up with larger pieces of dirt in your oil. Larger than whatever micron the filter allows to pass
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Trying to push a small round ball 250’ feet per second through the air (and desiring it to fly straight) is entirely different than trying to suck as much volume as possible thru a round tube
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Show him a pic of yer ex system : )
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