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Is this normal or ok for an LMI intake?

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Just got my lmi cai and noticed a bit of an iffy spot on it. Other than that it seems fine I'm just worried about the potential of it flaking and getting sucked into the intake. It is smooth to the touch in the 2nd picture but the 1st pics surface area at the bottom is a bit rough.
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@Zeeble You are fine. Its normal to get surface imperfections when laying up carbon. It happens when you vac bag it as well. I doubt it would de-laminate. The man that makes those intakes also makes , or used to, prosthetic limbs and the like for people. You'll see it start to cloud up and turn yellowish most times when its starting to de-laminate, its not a all the sudden type thing. Your fine. I would shoot him a email though and let him know you are worried about that. I imagine you'll get the same input from him though, its fine.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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