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It is here, finally!

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Arrived at the dealer today. The sales guy called me soon after it was unloaded from the transporter. All paper work done. Can't wait until Monday delivery!

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i owned a bright white 2011 IE.....when washed its really really bright needs some flat black graphics in my opinion to get rid of the blah black out the hood and do a AAR or TA side stripe

it would add the needed flash and make the white POP out more.......white doesnt show swirls

one thing id recommend...i used to wash off the bugs every time i drove the car....keep a microfiber towel and some detailer handy...i once hit a bug that was full of purple juice..i left it on and it burned into the clear coat....i used every kind of bug/tar remover and at best it just lightened up the purple was VERY large for a bug....took it to a bumper repair and they had to sand part of my clear coat off to get the color gone......i dont have my white IE anymore, but i still detail my front end everytime i drive my cars...bug juice is acidic and eats at your paint....but bright white can stain from the juice

i also had to clay bar the back end every Spring from rail dust (rust spec's in the paint)

over all i liked the color.....not enough to buy it again, but i do think it looks sharp with all the flat black HC stuff....congrats
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