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Lol. The title is click bait. If you want a summary here it is:

2 charger JB's(stock) came in for a dyno. The first one made 2 runs and only made 590rwhp. The found out they did the runs in ECO mode(LOL). THey switched to track and it made around 660rwhp but of course it was a little heat soaked from doing 2 runs before without the chiller on(could also be COT).

The 2nd JB(totally fresh) and in track mode with the chiller and all on did a fresh run. Made 730rwhp.

I don't see them being down on power, just real sensitive to heat soak. Also the COT can be a factor from what I've read but for a fresh run the one made 730rwhp.

Bottom line is they make power but you need to be FRESH and you only get a few runs before they start falling hard.

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If you do want to watch the pulls they start at 5:03 or so. Thank me later.
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