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Challenger SRT Redeye
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This process is exhausting. The dealership has an allocation per the website and Sales manager told me I am the first on their list, however I do have the VON.
My dealer has an allocation for a challenger and we ordered one today. I'm not seeing the 5N9 code on the build sheet. I was working with another dealer and the 5N9 guaranteed schedule was on that sheet. Do I need to worry about this? Also, where does my name need to be to get it printed on the window sticker? Thanks!
Why would you want your name on the window sticker ? For 1) anyone that looks at car knows whose it is and can look up where to find it …. For another I don’t think they can sense if you back out of the deal the names on it unless you’ve already paid for the whole car, 3) Keys are left in the trunk after built and shipped to the dealer the same way .. someone copies the keyfob they could visit you and take your car… just saying
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