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Jailbreak seat differences between PR & configurator

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Has anyone noticed that the Hammerhead grey seats in the various press release photos and YouTube videos are quite different looking versus what is rendered in the car configurator on Dodge's website?

The configurator shows these lighter seats with a 2 color headrest and a dark SRT logo in the center of the lighter grey.
Car Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle Car seat cover

The press release photos show a solid black headrest and light grey upper and lower surrounded by black sides and back.
Automotive tire Font Rectangle Auto part Fashion accessory

Car Vehicle Car seat cover Motor vehicle Automotive design

I, personally, am REALLY hoping that it's the configurator version. But we'll see what happens.
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I felt the same way about the light color. I ended up going with sepia seats, as they’ve been around for a long time and I’ve heard of no serious problems. I think they’ll also look the best with green paint.

That being said, I’d prefer an all gray seat with matching door panels, and I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen. The pilot car at the LA Auto Show had a gray headrest in the Challenger they put on the floor, but that was months ago and much could’ve changed since then.
you get a peek at the hammerhead here

If that’s what they’ll actually look like. Remember, that’s a pilot car.
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