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Japanese review of red eye

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He drove it like my wife drove mine. Stabbing at the gas like its an on and off switch while screaming how out of control it is. Such a terrible review. International reviews never seem to get the spirit of American cars like this. If its not feather light, and uses every bit of compute AI to keep it straight, then its a heavy and uncontrollable American shit box. Save the clicks on this video.
It’s not a review. He is trying to see how well it drifts.

Saw this a couple of weeks ago. awesome watch for sure. They loved the car hahahah
He's a world renowned drift racer. He wasn't trying to cut clean lines. He was trying to get it to chain drifts through those combo turns but they couldn't figure out how to totally defeat the stability control. That's what he was complaining about. It would start a drift but he says, "car intervenes," meaning at about the apex, the stab. control was kicking in and not allowing the RPMs to remain high to throttle modulate through the turn.
This times a million
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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