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Greetings family,

After tons of research and reaching out to many wheel manufacturers, a lot members helped also. I want to say everyone I’ve reached out to in the mopar community have been super helpful so hopefully this will help all those deliberating on which setup to go with.
Here are my check boxes I needed to fill for my setup.
-I wanted a setup I could rotate since I only have the 18” spare.
-Also rotate to save on tires.
-Didn’t want the rear poke that usually comes with a square setup.
-Wanted to keep the same inner clearance as stock not more, not less.
-Wanted 11” wide mainly for aesthetic purposes and of course that extra grip.
-wanted concave with caliper clearance NOT using spacers. So I needed to find out how close I could go inwards without touching that monster caliper. As I wanted that 11” wheel fitting within the car.

Taylor at Variant Alloys understood that and gave me exactly what I wanted. I called wanting a 20x11 +38, he did his super calculation as they have the specs of almost all factory BBK application. He said that could work but my be a bit too close to the caliper. So to be safe we did a 37.5 offset. Yes! .5mm more of clearance. Juuuust to be safe. That should give us about 3mm of clearance from the rim. Enough blabbing. Here are some quick pics. I’ll get more later.

So specs:

Variant Alloys Argon
20x11 +37.5 26.5 lbs!!
Bridgestone Dueler Sp 305/40/20 34lbs!!
So saved 15lbs per corner!!!
Also had the trackhawk Eibach special Edition springs installed. They fit the SRT confirmed.
If you’re on the fence about the springs. If you like the drop. Do it!!! They ride better than stock. Smoother. More planted.

alignment wasn’t bad but could be better. For some reason more camber on the driver rear than passenger. 2.6LR and 1.6RR. Still need to work on that. Any advice on alignment pieces. Please chime in. Let me know what you think!


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Looks Awesome. Perfect stance.

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Looks great and saving 15 pounds per corner is huge! I saved 5 per corner and it felt great, I couldn’t imagine 15.

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Looks badass!!!!! Can you post a pic of a straight on shot of the rear and front? Do you have any poke with this offset?
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