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JLT Cold Air Intake for Durango Hellcat

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Anyone have one yet? I ordered one and a JLT catch can yesterday. I'm not expecting much of a power increase, looking for more blower whine. I think JLT is the only company that has one at the moment.
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If it's anything like the previous JLTs, it's super easy to install. I'm not sure on the power increase... mainly because I've never seen what the stock unit looks like in the Durango, and second, I upgraded mine the first day and I didn't have the stock model long enough for the butt dyno to calibrate. If I gained any HP, that would be nice, but I bought the JLT primarily for the under hood dress-up. The blower sound increase was a perk. On the Challenger, the Redeye style intake performs well, but man is it ugly.
The pre-filters are restrictive, I wouldn't use one unless you live in an extremely dusty environment like a desert.
Per their data:

"Adding an Outerwears Pre-Filter will not have any significant reduction in airflow (independent lab test results available upon request). Most Performance air filters allow more air in than the engine can actually handle. In fact, an Outwears pre-filter keeps your primary filter cleaner for a longer period of time allowing your engine the ability to sustain its original airflow and horsepower for an extended amount of miles and time. Many of our customers claim they have also noticed an improvement in fuel efficiency. This may simply be attributed to the fact that they are keeping their air filter cleaner. "

The pre-filter, while being slightly restrictive, keeps dirt and particles OUT. While a clean new air filter will be better... drive it 500 miles and it will have bugs and sand in the element that you won't get with a pre-filtered air filter. So, IMO from what I've seen by owning one, when I take the pre-filter off, the actual filter underneath still looks completely unused.
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Science says otherwise.
I explained it above. The pre-filter's flow restriction is very low. I can only go by what the manufacturer says, but the restriction is comparable to a clean filter with 500mi on it. Thus, your air filter will nearly always run like it has 500mi on it... regardless if it has 10 miles, or 30,000mi.

Filters without a pre-filter get dirty and clogged over time. Hence why I said in my original response, clean filters = better, but they don't stay clean for very long. 1 pre-filter blocks most all particulate (sand, bugs, pollen, dust, etc). So, you don't need two or more.

I live in Florida. We haven't had mask mandates in nearly a year.
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