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I had my red six-speed, parked in a convenience store lot, and was standing outside it...another car pulled in abruptly, and I sensed danger and realized they were about to car-jack me; So I jumped in quickly, and lit 'em up, car was going sideways, even before it hit the street, and the roastage continued for half a block. Story ends there.
Oddly, I don't even own a red six-speed. But I DID have this intense dream, early this morning, it woke me up, and my hands were shaking from the adrenaline! I have a Phantom black six-speed on order, don't know why IT wasn't the subject of my very realistic dream (dang you Tammie!) but I do admit the Torred in my dream was hellacious. Also, the car in my dream had black Laguna seats, but I actually ordered the Black/Red seating.
I know this isn't a true story of a Hellcat in the wild. But, since it seemed so real, in my dream this morning, and I do plan to get a six-speed 'cat, figured it wouldn't hurt the thread!
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