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added SRT puddle lights to both Dark Black 2021 SRT Hellcat Redeye's. the 2022 Blue Charger GT is the daily driver especially for winter time. Hellcats are fun on the snow but not the best idea. Tried it before I got the GT. Expel clear film on the entire front of the car and the rear widebody sections and Level 2 Gyeon Quartz Ceramic Coating and Prime Expel Tint on the first one I purchased. The second Hellcat received some sort of self healing clear bra (same coverage) from the dealer's go to along with Llumar window tint and Crystal Serum ceramic coating. I am having the the clear bra, window tint and the ceramic redone like the first one.

Why do I have 2 identical 2021 Hellcat's? Took delivery New Years Eve 2020. When the first car reached 900 miles I started to fell that the car just wasn't handling very well. By the time I had 9000 miles, it was difficult to just keep the car in the lane. Thru the first 10 months the dealership played with the alignment, changed front coil springs, replaced the rack assembly.... I told the owner of the dealership that I was not happy that they could not figure out what was wrong with the car. He said he would order me a new car (October 2021). I asked the owner of the dealership, "What is going to happen with my first car when I took delivery of the replacement?" (December 2021). He told me that he was just going to sell it. I replied "Well? Then I am not going to give it back!". Why? he asked. "Because I don't want to see my car driving around town, but we are going to fix it." January 2022 I took delivery of the second car. April 2022 I went for a ride with the tech working on car #1 trying to figure out what was wrong. He made an adjustment on the 'toe' and had me drive it again. No difference. Since the second Hellcat was still in the delivery bay, I told the tech that he can take my other car for a test drive and tell me what he thinks. (tech) "What other car?" He went for a drive and returned to let me know that there is something wrong with car #1. This made me happy that they finally decided that I am not nuts. Dealer ship borrowed a set of wheels and tires from my second Hellcat and we test drove Hellcat #1. Problem solved. Dodge suggested a 'Road Test Balance' on the wheels. When this was accomplished, the discovery was that the steel belts in 3 of the tires had either broken or came loose within the tire. 4 new tires and all is fixed.

one of these will be seen at Bandimere Speedway this summer.

Time to do some driving
Nice looking garage!

in regards to the tires, this week I was talkingto one of dodge’s shipping yard supplier and he did mention me that in the past they had to place vehicles in quarantine due to some unknown tire issues… These units won’t be released until engineering gives their blessings… wondering if your case was one of the first ones to experience it before they realize that they may have a batch/manufacturing issue 🤔🤔🤔

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