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Hello fellow cat lovers, thanks for the warm welcome to the form, this is my 2020 triple black widebody, the first mods i knew i wanted to do is make her handle better so i got to work ordering my parts before she came home ( thought she would never make it to my door ordered it right a the start of covid ),

the mods so far are:

Eibach lowering springs

Eibach sway bars

Rear diff. brace

Front and rear strut and shock tower braces

Barton shifter ( 6 speed )

skip shift eliminator

muffler chip to keep butterfly's open on exhaust

Cipher 4 point seatbelts and harness bar

Legmaker intake

Jlt catch can

Now she takes corners at 50+ mph with no worries at all and she fills planted to the road, now the fun mode will start going to work on power and i will be reaching out to you guys here for help with that, feels good the be part of a family that loves there cat just as much as i love mine .

The best thing I love about me cat is when i get in her all the stress of the work week and all the bad things that are going on in the world just melt away.
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