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2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat (65k miles) with the following mods:
Killer chiller
BMR Ice Tank
1300 IDX injectors
OST Dual Fuel Pump Setup
Fore Fuel Filter
Griptec 2.7
ATI 10% overdrive
Catless mids
FI Spacers and Blanket
HHP Racing Springs
Full AAD suspension
DSS Aluminum Driveshaft
Drive Shaft Hoop
Demon Diff
Demon Axles
P4D diff brace
Kong 108mm TB
Kong full port (i mean full)
Kong race bearing upgrade
JLT Intake
JLT catch cans x2
E85 tuning done by me with HP Tuners
Drag Pak with Forgestar D5 beadlocks in rear.

Mods happening as we speak 15” rear brake conversion, 15”x10” Forgestar D5 beadlock wheels and Mickey Thompson ET Street R in 275/60r15.

My favorite aspect of this car is that no matter how hard I beat on it, it surprises me every time…when I gap the Teslas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts